Comprehensive Exam

At Smiles of Groton, we welcome new patients to our office.  Our friendly staff is dedicated to caring for you and your entire family’s oral health.  Our doctors provide a comprehensive new patient exam and consultation to assess your dental health and create a customized treatment plan for you.  We also take the time to listen to your goals and concerns, and accommodate them in your treatment.  To understand what to expect from your first visit to our practice, please read through this page. You’ll find all the practical information you need. For more detail, contact us at 978-448-5241.

Dental Exam
 A new patient exam allows us to do a full assessment of the health of your mouth and teeth and diagnose any potential problems you may have.  The list of things that we will evaluate at your new patient visit, as well as your periodic visits include:

  • Evaluation of your face and neck to look for any abnormalities, such as lumps, bumps or swelling.
  • Intraoral soft tissue abnormalities, such as discolorations or ulcers on your lips, gums, tongue, palate and cheeks. We will also perform an oral cancer screening and will check your bite.
  • Obtain necessary x-rays to evaluate bone levels around teeth, look for decay, abscesses, abnormal pathology, and to evaluate under existing fillings or crowns.
  • Evaluation of your bite to identify any damaging problems that might occur.
  • Evaluate the health and stability of the bone and gum tissues surrounding your teeth.
  • Overall gum health, including looking for signs of gingitivis or gum disease.
  • Look signs of advanced or abnormal wear on your teeth that may be caused by a grinding habit, or an uneven bite.

In most cases, a clinical exam by itself is not sufficient to completely diagnose all potential problems with your mouth.  In fact, the majority of problems with your teeth and the jawbone are not visible to the naked eye. That is why x-rays play a key role in allowing a better, and more accurate look at what is really going on inside your mouth and below your teeth and gums. By using x-rays, we can check for any bone loss or cavities in non-visible areas.  In addition, taking x-rays at your initial visit will also provide us with a benchmark with which to compare against during your future visits.  Different types of x-rays are used to evaluate different parts of your mouth, and we will let you know the reasoning and frequency for this when you visit us.


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