Tooth Extractions and Bone Grafting

When is an extraction needed?

A tooth may have to be removed for a number of reasons – severe decay that can’t be restored, a deep fracture in the tooth, an abscessed tooth, or to provide extra room in the jawbone when crowding occurs.

What can I expect if I need an extraction?

First, a local anesthetic is applied to numb the tooth and surrounding gums, making the procedure more comfortable for you.  While you should expect to feel some pressure sensations during the extraction, we will always make sure that you do not feel any pain throughout the procedure.  Once you are adequately numbed, various instruments are used to apply forces to the root and loosen it in the socket.  After the tooth is loosened, it is removed using forceps.

Can an extraction be done in this office?

Yes!  Drs Marc and Molly are well trained and experiencing in removing all types of teeth and can do this in our office.  If we feel that you have a more complicated situation due to your medical history or the anatomy of the tooth, we will provide a referral to an oral surgeon for the removal.

What is bone grafting, and why should I consider it?

If you need to have a tooth extracted, we might also recommended a procedure called “socket preservation” or “bone grafting”.  This is the process of filling an empty extraction socket with freeze-dried, particulate bone immediately after the tooth is removed.  When a tooth is removed and the socket is left to heal on its own, a significant amount of bone loss can occur.  To prevent this from happening, it is common to place particulate bone directly into the extraction socket in order to prevent your gum tissue from growing into the hole, and to act as a matrix for your body to turn it into your own bone.  This optional procedure is most advantageous if you want to replace a tooth with an implant, or if you lose a front tooth and want to minimize the bone and gum loss in the area.

What should I expect if I elect to have an extraction socket bone grafted?

Bone grafting after an extraction is a very easy, quick and painless procedure!  Once the tooth is removed, the extraction socket is throughly cleaned to make sure that any infected tissue is removed.  The particulate bone graft is then used to fill the socket.  A membrane is placed over the bone graft, and then sutures are placed overtop to keep everything closed up.  The procedure usually only takes about 10-15 minutes after the complete removal of the tooth.  The area will then take 3-4 months for your body to heal and the grafted bone to become part of your jawbone.

What are my options for replacing a missing tooth?  

We know that news of having to lose a tooth can be an emotional and frustrating experience.  Fortunately, there are a lot of great options available for replacing teeth.  Before having your tooth extracted, we can discuss your replacement options.  In the unfortunate situation that you have to lose a tooth thats in your smile zone, we will work with you to come up with temporary options so that you dont have to go without a missing tooth!



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