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We know that the Groton area in Massachusetts has beautiful scenery, access to the arts, and the ocean to boot. Massachusetts has become so well-known for its blend of sports, the arts, the outdoors, and a diverse population. Nearly 50,000 people moved into the state last year. If you have recently moved into the Groton area, especially if you are living in our city of Ayer, MA, here is some information about the community as well as our dental services.

About the Ayer Area

Ayer and Groton are so closely related that the small city of Ayer was once a part of Groton. The two towns separated in the late 1800s. The Ayer area has a long history of service in the military, and Massachusetts especially has deep roots in independence and patriotism. Fort Stevens trained soldiers for the Civil War, while Fort Devins has trained soldiers for military service since World War I.

No matter what you are interested in, you will be able to find a way to pursue those interests in Ayer as well as in the greater Groton area. If you love walking, canoeing, or kayaking, you can hike on the Nashua River Rail Trail and float along Oxbow Lake in your kayak. You can lay out on the beach to catch some summer rays at Forge Pond or Sandy Pond Beach. Love practicing yoga? You will be able to do that as well at the Shirdi Sai Parivaar Temple, which is one of the largest Hindu temples in all of New England.

With its small population, Ayer is the perfect place to raise your children. There are youth sports and activities year-round, thanks to the parks department in the city. Ayer also boasts arts and crafts for kids, as well as a yearly arts and folk festival in the fall. There is a lot to love about the Ayer community, which is why our dentists are thrilled to serve the Ayer area.

What Services Our Dentists Can Provide

Smiles of Groton is a family-owned practice of married dentists Dr. Marc and Dr. Molly Valli. Our dental practice combines the best of two people who work well together. Dr. Marc specializes in restorative dentistry, while Dr. Molly has a love for orthodontic work. Between our two expert doctors, we can offer a full-service dental clinic.

We offer dental services from babies through seniors. We love children and love working with the entire family. While we love children, we also adore our seniors. We offer corrective dentistry for children, such as tooth filling, dental exams, and x-rays. Our seniors can benefit from continued care and preventative dentistry. We can also do dental implants for adults of all ages, to keep your smile gorgeous. With our full-service practice, we can meet the needs of all ages.

Do you need restorative dentistry due to accidents, injuries, or tooth decay? We practice restorative medicine, which means we can correct cracked, chipped, or broken teeth through dental implants, crowns, or veneers. We love making the teeth of our patients whiter and brighter because we know that leads to more happy smiles and increased confidence. We can also do major tooth repairs such as bridges and inlays or onlays for molars. No matter where we start with your smile, our dental experts can use a step-by-step process to gradually improve your dental health.

If you are an adult who needs correction for your smile, whether it is because you have issues with your bite, problems with bruxism, or even crooked teeth, our practice can help. Thanks to the latest technology and our state-of-the-art 3D printer, we can offer you nightguards or sports guards to keep your teeth in great shape. We also have clear aligners to fix minor issues with your bite as well as straighten and improve tooth placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to the area. Is your dental office right for me?

If you are new to the Ayer area, welcome to our wonderful community. It can be so difficult to look for a new dentist that you feel you can communicate with. You should begin by asking your friends, family, or co-workers who they use as a dentist. That way, you will have a list of dentists to check out and choose from. Why not go on and read the reviews about our practice? You can also feel free to schedule a tour or a time to speak to one of our practitioners. We love meeting new neighbors!

What is my first step to getting to know the dental practice?

There are questions you will want to ask practitioners in our office. You may want to call ahead to ask about our dental insurance coverage, as well as our office procedures. You can also feel free to send us an email as well. We have contact us forms on our website, so our prospective and established patients can always get in touch with us. We will reply promptly and follow up with your questions as soon as possible.

Does your office work with patients of all ages?

Adults not too long ago did not keep their permanent teeth past the age of 30 or 40. Adults were often toothless heading into mid-life. No wonder so many people wore dentures! Nowadays, babies begin to visit our practice around their first birthday, and we have patients well into their 80s and 90s. We love working with patients of any age.

Can I get restorative and orthodontic work done here?

Of course! We can do restorative, cosmetic, and orthodontic dentistry for our patients. That is why we call ourselves a full-service dental practice! We even do emergency dentistry. Our dental office is available whether you lose a tooth during a baseball game or you have a tooth that just will not stop hurting. We understand that accidents happen and that dental pain or tooth loss are real emergencies.

Is your office up on current dental technology?

We have digital X-rays and all of the latest in diagnostic equipment. Our state-of-the-art exam rooms are immaculate and use the best filtration system to keep our patients healthy!

When you are ready to find a great dentist who is serving the Ayer, MA, area, why not contact us today? Our dentists near Ayer, MA, can make sure you are on the right path to great dental health throughout your life. Call us today.


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