Why Choose Us

We understand that choosing a dentist for your family is an important decision. We’re confident that our office can accommodate your needs and earn your trust by offering the following:

Experienced Dentists

Dr. Marc and Dr. Molly are well-trained and have many years of experience in private practice. They frequently collaborate with each other on cases to help determine the best treatment options. 

We Offer a Wide Range of Services

We offer a wide variety of dental procedures to our patients that can be done in-office, including crown and bridge treatment, cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy, extractions and dental implants. We can meet the majority of your treatment needs in one place! 

Modern Technology

At Smiles of Groton, we invest in the latest technology in order to achieve the best results and make your treatment more comfortable. We utilize digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, and digital scanning techniques, which eliminates the need for traditional impressions! 

State-of-the-Art Sterilization

Especially today, we understand that being safe in our office is one of your biggest concerns. We always follow the strictest protocols for instrument sterilization, as outlined by the CDC, and currently implement additional protocols to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. We screen each patient before treatment begins, limit patient interactions in the reception area, and utilize HEPA air purifiers and a hypochlorous fogger to sanitize the air and surfaces throughout the office. 

We Help Patients with Dental Anxiety

We understand that the dental office may not be your favorite place to be.  Unfortunately, some people avoid going to the dentist due to a difficult past dental experience, which can lead to a tooth or gum problem worsening. At Smiles of Groton, we encourage you to share your concerns with us so that we can work with you to provide treatment in a more comfortable manner. We know that dentistry can be a pleasant experience, and we want to help you achieve this! 

We Listen

It’s easy to leave a doctor’s office and feel like you were simply talked to, and not heard. We never want our patients to feel this way! From the first phone call to the last treatment appointment, our goal is to listen to our patients and really understand their needs, wants, hopes, and concerns.


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